Sales Page Rewrite Special Offer

High-converting sales copy for online courses & coaching programs is a cake walk, right?

  • You had a template...
  • You had a "proven" launch plan...
  • You followed the Guru's instructions to the letter...
  • You did EVERYTHING the course launch experts told you... and when your cart finally closed your results were...Meh? 
  • Now you're second-guessing yourself...even though you know your course or program is amazingTransformational. Life-changing even! 
  • You can't figure out why your audience isn't understanding the value of your amazing program. Why aren't they connecting? Why aren't they buying?
  • You worked hard on your copy. But how far off are you? How do you even know? Where do you start tweaking?  
  • Should you chuck it all and just max out your credit card to hire that $5000 copywriter?
  • How can YOU get a better sales page so your audience finally "gets" it and buys?

(Hint: This is where I come in!)

What Are Your Options?

1. The $5000 Copywriter Solution

Hire that $5000 (or more!) copywriter and get a complete launch do-over. But where do you get that $5k and how long are you gonna have to wait for all that new copy? 3 months? 6 months? More?

2. The Do-It-Yourself (Again!) Solution

While the price is certainly right, how long is it going to take to rewrite your entire sales page? And how will you know if the changes you make are the right ones? If your rewrite is 90% guesswork and 10% gut instinct, this might not be the best solution. 

3. The Sales Page Rewrite Solution

Get easy access to the talent, skill, and experience of a professional copywriter who specializes in online courses and coaching programs and who will help you take that underperforming sales page to the next level - without breaking your budget!
Plus! You get an improved and optimized sales page in 7 business days or less!

A Sales Page Rewrite is the missing middle ground between Dirt Cheap Disappointing DIY and $5,000 "We'll Finish It When We Finish It" Copy!

Dan Chappelle, The Wealthy Travel Agent

Dan Chappelle, The Wealthy Travel Agent

"I appreciate the time Karen spent getting to know me and what makes me tick before we even started on the copy. We started with a complete evaluation of the copy before working on sales copy for the Power Players Club. Definitely planning to work with her again on additional product launches."

What Your Rewrite Includes

  • A complete top to bottom rewrite and optimization of your existing sales page copy so that your online course or coaching program offer is crystal clear and compelling to your ideal buyer.
  • A 90-minute Kickoff Intensive call where I'll uncover the ins and outs of your ideal buyer, why your course or program benefits them beyond any other, and how your new sales page copy can knock down objections and present a must-have investment to your target audience!
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions so you can be sure your new sales page is exactly what you want and reflects your brand and voice while appealing to your ideal student or client.
  • You'll get a ton of support from me both during and after your rewrite. My clients know that they can reach out to me anytime they have questions or concerns because I am always just an email away!

How Does A Rewrite Work?

Step 1

Click Get Started Today and book a free call with Karen. You'll complete my short and easy pre-call survey as you book. This will ask for the link to your sales page (or to attach your copy doc) and some other pertinent offer and audience related questions so we can hit the ground running when we get on the phone.

Step 2

During our call, we'll review your sales page and together we'll determine if a rewrite is the right fit for you. If it is, I'll send you a private link to book your 90-minute Kickoff Intensive and to complete your purchase so we can get your rewrite started ASAP! 

Step 3

During your intensive we'll talk about your business, your ideal buyer, and your offer. This deep dive is what creates the more compelling and clear copy that I will create for your sales page. It's also what will help your sales page convert!

Step 4

Then I'll spend the next few days working my copywriting magic. Within 7 business days, I'll deliver your rewrite first draft via a shared Google Doc along with a recorded video walkthrough. In this video, I will explain all of the changes made, why I've made them, and how they'll benefit you. [Need a quicker turnaround? Just Ask!]

Step 5

You'll review your new copy and add comments and questions to the shard Google Doc. We'll hammer out any changes you want and I'll answer any questions you might have. You'll have an opportunity for 2 rounds of revisions (most clients only use 1!)

Step 6

Finally, I'll polish, format, and triple check your copy. Your final draft will be delivered and you can take your optimized sales copy and install it on the sales page platform of your choice. Easy peasy!

What's The Cost?

In the past, I've charged $1695 and up for complete sales page rewrites. And I know plenty of copywriters who charge even more! But I've done so many that I've got my process down to a science.

That means the time it takes me to hone in on your market and offer and execute an impactful rewrite is significantly shorter.

For that reason, (and because I really love doing these) I am offering a limited number of quick turn-around rewrites at a very special price. Once I am booked this offer will close.

You could have a more profitable sales page by next week. Click below to book a FREE, no obligation evaluation call ASAP!

Sales Page Rewrite

Offer will close once calendar is booked. Don't wait!


I am someone who likes to write my own copy but I also know that I can benefit from some help. Karen takes what you have and helps you take it to the next level. She helps you present your voice in the most effective way possible. She gives extremely helpful, detailed, and specific suggestions.

Dr. Nicole Rankins

Women’s Wellness Coaching

Nicole Calloway Rankins

Karen is an incredible writer who has a gift with words and more importantly in listening… It is such a breathe of fresh air to work with a woman who was invested in my business and gave me her best. She is committed to excellence and I highly recommend you work with Karen.

Pamela Dale

Find Your Fierce

Karen provided amazing value for me... And, of course, she is a fantastic writer! I felt listened to, understood, and represented in the copy she created for me. There were parts of my story I didn't even know would be relevant until Karen pulled them out.

Lisa Pastor

The Creative CEO

Meet Karen

Hey there! My name is Karen O'Brien and I am a professional copywriter... but I think you may have figured that out already!

I specialize in conversion copywriting and optimization, solution-focused coaching, and support for online course creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to maximize their sales and conversions. 

Here's to #moresales #moreoptins #moreleads

Miriam's Testimonial

Miriam Illions


"Don’t spend hours driving in circles (and maybe in the wrong direction!) in order to reach your destination, ESPECIALLY if you’re doing something for the first time. Karen knows where you’re trying to go and can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get there."

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