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The right words get likes, leads, and $ales

The wrong words get #crickets

Meet Karen

Copywriter + Conversion Strategist

Welcome to Tribe Copy. This is the place where great partnerships begin. Whether you're a course creator, consultant, expert, or digital business owner - if you're looking to foster attraction, build authority, and boost conversions, my unique style of connection copywriting can help. Read my full story...

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"Karen provided amazing value for me... And of course, she is a fantastic writer!"

— Lisa Pastor |


Connection copywriting for attraction, authority, and conversion

Connection copywriting starts with being crystal clear on who your tribe is. Knowing how they speak. Understanding why they struggle. And offering exactly what they need to move forward.

But it doesn't end there.

You need to know what they desire. What motivates them. What lights them up and inspires them.

You need to know what connects with them so deeply that they're moved to click, book, or buy.

Imagine the impact a connection like that could have for your business

My mission with Tribe Copy is to partner with business owners and entrepreneurs looking to build an authentic and profitable connection with their audience... their tribe.

Wonderful Words From Clients

  • Miriam's Testimonial
    Karen's power hour is one of the best investments I've ever made. Don't spend hours driving in circles (and maybe in the wrong direction!) in order to reach your destination, ESPECIALLY if you're doing something for the first time. Karen knows where you're trying to go and can tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get there.
    Miriam Illions
  • Nicole Calloway Rankins
    I am someone who likes to write my own copy but I also know that I can benefit from some help. Karen takes what you have and helps you take it to the next level. She helps you present your voice in the most effective way possible. She gives extremely helpful, detailed, and specific suggestions.
    Dr. Nicole Rankins
  • Karen provided amazing value for me... And, of course, she is a fantastic writer! I felt listened to, understood, and represented in the copy she created for me. There were parts of my story I didn't even know would be relevant until Karen pulled them out.
    Lisa Pastor
  • Karen in an incredible writer who has a gift with words and more importantly in listening... It is such a breathe of fresh air to work with a woman who was invested in my business and gave me her best. She is committed to excellence and I highly recommend you work with Karen.
    Pamela Dale
  • I was surprised by how ready Karen was to help... She was so comfortable to talk to... She was never stingy with her knowledge -- it felt like everything she had learned was for the purpose of sharing it, and I loved that!
    KC McCormick Ciftci